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Okay, who here wants a dirty limerick written about them?


Mer said:


(But only if it involves chinchillas.)

Douglas said:

A Goth violinist named Mer
Had outrageously dense pubic hair.
"Is that a chinchilla?
It floats my flotilla,"
Said boys whose hands wandered down there.

Aileen said:

me please! and it doesn't even have to involve a chinchilla, or a man from Nantucket.

Douglas said:

Awaking, a hunk turned a strophe
And sang, "I just bedded Ms. Brophy!"
Her 45 tat
Made the tackle get fat,
But she took home the bait as a trophy.

M Matos said:

I'm game if you are!

Mer said:

Dammit, Douglas.

You're a sick twisted genius, but I'm not GOTH!!!

Not. GOTH.



*much stamping and howling*

I'm NOT.

(Sorry if I sound a bit cranky, it's just that this corset is killing me.)

Douglas said:

A mix-CD mixer named Matos
Made collectible records his vatos.
He piled colored wax
Into seven-inch stacks,
Then buggered the vinyl mulattos.

[sorry. but do you have any idea how hard your name is to rhyme?]

lauren said:

me! lord knows there's enough material...

Douglas said:

In bed, a grad student named Klein
Would confuse signifier and sign.
Shown a "phallus" (in text),
She became highly sexed:
"I'm not in the mood to decline."

Liz said:

Me, please!
(raising hand, blushing.)

Douglas said:

A girlfriend of Mr. Mandel
Likes to slather his privates with Quell.
He's got nits on his nads
From old typewriter pads,
But he'd rather be shaved by the belle.

Liz (G) said:

I said I wouldn't, but having seen your work, I think I've changed my mind. Now. Work THAT kind of vacillation into a dirty limerick. I double dog dare ya.

Douglas said:

The sound engineer Bustamante
Found her studio's gear-box picante.
She attempted to mate
With a Shure 58
And recorded herself in flagrante.

Douglas said:

The clothes a designer designed
Exposed her in front and behind.
"I've found," she declared,
"when a Goodman is bared,
that a hard man is easy to find."

Maya said:

Me too!

Jess said:

tap, tap, tap...I'm waiting.

Jen said:

I'm game... and my name is so easy to rhyme!

Douglas said:

For those of you looking for further limericks, they've gone to a page of their own: . There's a new one there now, too. And I promise to get to the rest of the queue shortly.

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