August 16, 2007

more linkery

Tom Nissley interviewed me over at the the Amazon Bookstore blog!

Tomorrow from 4 to 7 PM I'll be at Comix Experience in San Francisco, 305 Divisadero St., along with at least three of the other Savage Critics. Come kibitz with us.

And then Sunday I'll be reading--not from Reading Comics but from Live at the Apollo!--and signing at Pegasus Bookstore, 2349 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, at 7:30 PM, along with two other 33 1/3 authors, Kate Schatz and Shawn Taylor.

Quick mental arithmetic suggests that I have over 11,000 words due in the next week, and basically no wiggle room. Quick mental arithmetic puts it a little more strongly than "suggestion" that I should get back to work.

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