August 12, 2007

the spirit of the elevator

Thank you, Monica! Thank you, Linsey! Thank you, Mairead! Thank you, everyone else who made Chicago such a pleasure!

Really fun reading at Quimby's in Chicago last night. I figured I should do something place-appropriate, so I made up a Jimmy Corrigan theme song I sang to a very familiar melody:

Corrigan, Corrigan
Timid little round-headed man
Scared of girls, bored at work
Lonely heir to a line of jerks
Look out! It's Jimmy Corrigan

Is he sad? Listen, chum--
His stepsister thinks Jimmy's scum!
Is God dead? Look around--
He's in a pool of blood on the ground!
Hey there! It's Jimmy Corrigan

The '93 World's Fair
Left his grandpa alone
Now he gets abused
By his mom on the phone

Corrigan, Corrigan
Smartest kid on earth, Corrigan
Wealth and fame pass him by
Push him down and he'll start to cry
Loneliness and depression gang up
He's got a bunch of hang-ups
Poor Jimmy Corrigan!

A very nice review of Reading Comics from Brian Doherty at Reason.

Here's my own review of Young Marble Giants' Colossal Youth.

And I would be lax if I didn't mention Jess Bruder's thoroughly awesome new Burning Book. Go buy it and understand how Burning Man keeps me coming back every year.

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