July 19, 2007

READING COMICS virtual errata slip

A bunch of errors crept into the first printing of Reading Comics. (I say that in a passive sort of way, but in fact I put all of them there.) In the spirit of Franklin Bruno's Adcidents Will Happen, I figured it'd be wise or at least useful to have a "virtual errata slip" online until I can correct them in future editions.

Pg. 83: With regard to the "Journal of MODOK Studies": "MODOK" is a "Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing," not a "Mechanical Organism...," and there are three issues to date, not "at least four issues." Thanks to Ben Towle for the correction.

Pp. 158 etc.: Diana Schutz kindly notes that it's "Eisnershpritz," not "Eisenshpritz," and that it was named by Harvey Kurtzman.

Pg. 229: There shouldn't be a comma after "pseudonyms" ("Curt Vile" and "Jill de Ray" were pseudonyms rather than strips).

Pp. 269, 270, 275, 397 and 398: the last name of artist Phil Jimenez is misspelled. (This is particularly embarrassing, considering that one of the very few pieces of original comics art I own is a magnificent Invisibles page drawn by Mr. Jimenez.)

Pg. 367: The most embarrassing one by far: as Jeet Heer wrote me to point out, "the late underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson" is very much alive. My apologies to him and to anyone misled by my error.

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