April 17, 2007

blowing dust off the top surface

I haven't forgotten your existence, dear lacunae reader, I just haven't been doing much that's blogworthy: went to Florida for five days with Lisa & Sterling, proofed the book, worked on a handful of writing projects. One of which is about to come to public fruition: this Friday, at the Experience Music Project's Pop Conference in Seattle, I'm giving a talk about Clydie King.

Really, though, my experience right now is so circumscribed that there's not much use in talking about it. I'm like a squirrel storing nuts, like an ant faking industriousness, like a bird assembling shiny things for potential future use. Things may heat up in a few weeks; we'll see.

Oh, there's a new mix CD: the Bookworms, Camberwell Now, M.I.A., Scritti Politti, Sylvia Hall, the Mountain Goats, Antibalas, Sir Richard Bishop, Martha Bass, France Gall, Wolter Wierbos, Honey Cone, the Human Hearts, Osaka Monaurail, Syreeta, OOIOO, the Huxtables, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Manning, Group Doueh, Bossanova, Gwigwi Mrwebi. The usual protocols for getting a copy apply.

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hey there!!! have fun speaking to seattle! margaret and i were going to try and sneak in, but i got stuck here in san fran....

Posted by: kayteamac on April 20, 2007 3:56 PM
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