February 8, 2007


Hi to all the Hour readers visiting this site for the first time; note that the "Green Light" project was not exactly the way it's described in the article, but I'm very flattered that they mentioned (and linked to) it anyway!

I am currently sitting in LAX, dealing with email while my computer recharges. Have I mentioned that I hate driving in big cities? Especially this one? I really do. I think I steamed up the windshield with my quiet freaking out a couple of times. But I love the excellent dinners I've had the last couple of nights, and I love my friends I've dined with doubly.

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You heard it here first: I am more loved than hippy lasagna. And it's Kate, for the win.

Posted by: bitterbyrden on February 8, 2007 9:56 PM
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