January 15, 2007

the king of holidays

Here's a really great Stevie Wonder song about Martin Luther King Day that I'd never heard before Hova and Belinda of Greasy Kid Stuff fame played it at Baby Loves Disco yesterday. (Lots of kids were enjoying themselves; lots of parents were enjoying themselves a little bit more, I think. I realized that it was a bit like if our generation's parents had taken us to "Baby Loves Big Band" events. Sterling was mostly a little confused and clinging to his mama at first, then eventually warmed up to it. He liked the books and toys in the "baby chill-space" area, although he wasn't too interested in the little igloo-patterned tents that other kids were crawling in and out of.)

Here's a much less good song about the holiday, which I remember well from Back In The Day; it's still pretty fascinating as an example of the state of R&B 21 years ago.

Here's an old MLK comic, and a lovely comment from a little stuffed bull.

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