January 12, 2007

what's wrong with comics, pts. 1 and 2

Here's a fascinating discussion (read the comments too--Kevin Huizenga joins the fray) of what's wrong with the current state of art-comics; as a bonus, it's triggered by a terrific and apropos-in-many-ways-to-the-problem-with-art-of-many-kinds-of-the-moment-including-some-of-my-friends' quote from Greil Marcus's Mystery Train. (I meant to bring my copy of that book back from NYC this week, since I wanted to reread the Sly Stone chapter for a piece I'm working on, and neglected to.)

And here is Christopher Bird continuing to demonstrate, rather brilliantly, what's wrong with the current state of superhero comics.

Another highlight of NYC trip (from which I've now returned, with one functional ear, sigh): a visit to ChikaLicious, a splendid and very tiny East Village restaurant whose menu consists entirely of three-course desserts, cooked by a woman named Chika and her very tiny staff (if anyone is sick, they have to close the place for the day).

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