July 19, 2006

seventeen flavors of awesome

Sarah Oleksyk's dead-on parodies of Craig Thompson and Jeffrey Brown: here.

Currently in San Diego for Comic-Con International. Carried a copy of Lost Girls around in my backpack for several hours. Back hurts.

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Clydie King is one of my all time heroes . A legend in soul music. A background diva who I associate with the finest musicians and performances on wax. i can recall how thrilled I was to see her in A Star Is Born and the jubillation seeing her in the credits of Martha Reeves legendary Richard Perry lp...I pray her LPS will make it onto CD. I lent one out and never got it back. Someone in Dorchester named Vaughnda still has my LP.....I want it back!

Posted by: Oreona on July 22, 2006 8:20 PM
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