May 27, 2006

everybody do the gurgle!

The Washington Post has a bunch of comics reviews I wrote in this Sunday's book review section--yes I know I need to update the link bar & page one of these days. But at the moment, I've got a light spring dose of Portland Plague: raining outside, listless and coughing inside. 52 Pickup continues, too, but I'm not gonna provide any more weekly links to it here unless there's something unusual happening.

I have an idea for a fairly twisted Burning Man project that fulfills my personal "equipment must be small enough to carry around in a utility belt" criterion, although I'll have to get a bit of customized printing done for it. I also have an idea for a much bigger one that would require some hammer-and-nails work, and would need to be staffed. The first one's looking a lot likelier.

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