March 31, 2006

of course, the primary ingredient is wax

We got takeout tonight from Arabian Breeze, another Lebanese restaurant on NE Broadway owned by the same family that runs the divine Nicholas Restaurant. The idea of this one is that they serve the sort of food that Lebanese families cook at home; I don't know if that's true or not, but it's awfully good. The best thing, though, was dessert, the "family recipe layered custard": the menu billed it as involving chocolate, vanilla, "traditional sweet flavors" and honey. It was extraordinarily good--the other flavors I picked out seemed to be hints of rosewater and citrus peel--but something about it seemed oddly familiar. Lisa had some too, and said "Obviously this is made with fresh delicious ingredients, but--taste it again. Doesn't it remind you of a Tootsie Roll?"

I did. That's exactly what it reminded me of. A creamy, lighter-than-air Tootsie Roll. But now I have a little more insight into how Tootsie Rolls taste. (I'm always fascinated by this sort of thing--in The Man Who Ate Everything, I think, there's a chapter where the author interviews a couple of professional tasters, who explain that the flavors of Coke and Pepsi are vastly deeper and more complicated than the flavors of off-brand colas.)

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