January 26, 2006

new heat

Things I'm happy to note:

1) My new favorite comic-geek blog, The Absorbascon--specifically a DC Universe geek blog. If you know what an Absorbascon is, you will probably find it hilarious. If you don't, it will probably make no sense to you.

2) Two rather wonderful albums by Homosexuals side projects just turned up at Insect & Individual. Which also reminds me: the first This Heat album finally got reissued, I've finally gotten to hear it, and it's as good as people have told me for ages.

3) Primo week for comics, including a fine Bendis threefer (a great conclusion to his Daredevil run with a twist that actually didn't get spoilered, solid character stuff in New Avengers, and... um, we finally meet Jessica and Luke's baby in The Pulse), but the treat of the week is Kevin Huizenga's Ganges #1--the first of a new series by a cartoonist whose beat is interior life, and whose imagination seems to work in a way I like a lot and value in some of my friends.

4) Not two days after I was whining to a couple of friends of mine about how awesome Letta Mbulu's 1970 album Letta is and why hasn't it been reissued anyway?, I get an advance copy of BBE's comp Hugh Masekela Presents the Chisa Years, which features four Mbulu tracks, plus a few tracks she sang with the Zulus, and includes my favorite song from the album in question, "U Se Mcani."

5) Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers is all that I hoped it would be. And I finally have a functional and easy recipe for chapchae--I'd somehow never understood that the crucial ingredient is bean thread noodles, which aren't stocked at local supermarket-type supermarkets, but turned out to be available for pennies at the Asian grocery on Hawthorne.

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I stayed up way too late the other night reading The Absorbascon's recap of the Justice League Detroit.

Unrelated, I just came across a link to this Michael Chabon essay about Big Barda.

smurph (lurking for a few months, Mike from KZSU recommended this blog.)

Posted by: smurph on January 28, 2006 12:11 PM

(sorry, I thought I could use html links in the comments...) I meant this essasy: http://www.michaelchabon.com/archives/2005/03/a_woman_of_valo.html

Posted by: smurph on January 28, 2006 12:14 PM
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