October 30, 2005

healthful crevices

A couple of more fantastic things I've neglected to link to so far: The Anachronist is a really well-written and informative audioblog covering territory not a lot of others have covered so far: very-early-20th-century (and even late-19th-century) recorded pop music. And WFMU, bless 'em, recently posted MP3s of the ENTIRETY of Owada's remarkable album Nothing--a pointed little Fire Engines/Pink Flag-flavored record by conceptual artist Martin Creed's band, almost all of whose lyrics are either self-reference or counting (OK, "Circle" is about chains of influence in the contemporary art world).

Just about 24 hours left (depending on when you're reading this) to sign up for NaSoAlMo 2005 and get the full month of November to make your solo album. 28 brave souls have taken the plunge so far. You want to be one of them too, yes?

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