October 10, 2005

drink deep from the black spring

Just quickly, before I get back to mumblemumblesecretproject: Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom's The Days of Mars (Astralwerks). Gonzalez and Russom were the people behind Black Leotard Front, whose "Casual Friday" was my favorite song of last year, and they had a single a while back under their own names that was a DFA remix of this album's "Rise." The difference between that single and this album, though, was the difference between waiting a while for the beat to drop and the beat being Godot; what they're doing here is not just picking up a 25-year-old German electronic thread but specifically following up on Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4, stuttering analog synthesizers and foreboding chord shifts and all. I wavered for a while between thinking that it was warmed-over ambient notsohotso and digging it in a "really, I'm willing to wait as long as you like for the beat to drop" way, and now I'm leaning more toward the latter, let's-go-we-can't-why-not notwithstanding. It helped to play it really loudly, which emphasizes the tension-without-release aspects. But I'd still trade 100 of these for four more Black Leotard Front tracks.

In other news, I now know what this year's Halloween costume is going to be.

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