September 18, 2005

drowning in wood

Nothing quite like the feeling of going shopping for books at a time when there are thousands of pages I need to read for work in the next week, and tens of thousands I've made myself promise to read before acquiring more. All the shelves at Powell's were whispering seductive things to me. I noticed that I'd been quoted on the front cover of the paperback edition of Christopher Ricks' Dylan's Visions of Sin, but rejected the impulse to buy it as cluttering vanity (got the hardcover already, duh). So I managed to escape with only the book I had to get for research, plus a remaindered copy of Stewart Home's 69 Things to Do With a Dead Princess (I think I only need to own one Stewart Home book, but this might be it) and a remaindered copy of Max Barry's Jennifer Government that leaped into my hand, honest.

Leigh tells me I need to read Benjamin Kunkel's Indecision, too. Anyone want to agree or disagree?

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