August 12, 2005

you can live out in a tent

Just finished Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. Oblique spoilers follow.

1) One of the things I like a lot about the series is that it set up the formula with the first two volumes, and has proceeded to follow it a little less with each successive volume; I am very pleased to see that she's thrown it entirely out the window for the final volume. (Well, there'll be a visit to the Dursleys. But at least no Quidditch match, and it's a little less likely that Dumbledore will be explaining the plot to Harry 40 pages before the end.)

2) Wizards reach "maturity" at 17, I see. Convenient for the structure of the series. But what does that say about their age of consent, Vulgarweed?

3) I can't read about Tonks without picturing Kelso Jacks in my head (this is probably only funny if you know her).

4) Spent most of the book thinking the identity of the HBP was rather obvious, and of course was surprised by who it turned out to be--but a) hasn't Rowling done the "mysterious helpful book" plot already, and b) wouldn't you think Harry'd be a little more suspicious of it?

5) I have no quibbles with who gets paired up with whom; I just find all of the romances in this volume totally unconvincing.

6) Snape is now by far my favorite character in the series. And the big scene near the end made me think of J.L. Borges' "Three Versions of Judas"... if what Harry has to do with the Magic Flav-R-Aid seems painful, Severus has it way worse. (...I hope. But I can't imagine it'd be otherwise.)

Unrelatedly: am hopping, boiling, Ed Anger-level mad about something that won't be public until early next week, but if you get irritable vibes from me between now and the release of the steam, it's not about you.

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So? So? What were you so mad about, Douglas?

Posted by: carl w on September 2, 2005 10:23 AM
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