January 16, 2005

fields of hair, fields of dots, fields of flavor

Back around 1990 or so there was a 'zine called You Can't Hide Your Love Forever that ran a piece about a black female speed-metal band--from Detroit, I think, although my memory may be faulty here as everywhere--called Vulva. Of course I needed to hear it, and of course the article's layout cut off the address to write to for the demo tape, which I strongly suspect was a wind-up anyway. But the Vulva name and logo (a shell--pretty!) turned up a few months later as the label name/logo on the first single by Majesty Crush, "Sunny Pie," whose B-side was "Cicciolina" (MP3), a one-chord ode to Ilona Staller, a.k.a. Mrs. Evan Dando (oh, whoops, sorry, more fanzine disinformation, I mean Saddam Hussein).

Majesty Crush were singer David Stroughter (thanks to whom for permission to post these tracks), guitarist Michael Segal, and ex-Spahn Ranch rhythm section Hobey Echlin and Odell Nails III. A lot of of their best songs were about stalkers (I believe their Love 15 album's liner notes had their address preceded by "Stalk us at..."): "Uma," "Seles," "Number One Fan," and esp. their final single "If JFA Were Still Together," whose thesis was that there actually was an army dedicated to protecting Jodie Foster. They tended to play rather... monomaniacally, too--the shoegazer gaze converted into an I-don't-like-the-way-you're-staring-at-me stare. Here's the pervy/dreamy/ravishing B-side of their second single, from 1992, "Grow" (MP3); the sleeve has a blurry, arty photograph of a topless woman on it, and a handwritten-in-whiteout copyright notice for the photo (to one Carrie Kelly).

David Stroughter is now in a band called Witchcraft; he notes that he's currently in London, recording with Will Carruthers from Spiritualized and Jackie from Stroker Ace.

Portland is very very cold right now. I've been staying inside and reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and hoping panix starts working again shortly.

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"Very cold"? Aren't you from Michigan, Acclimated Man? (...yes, in fact, "Acclimated Man" is your new superhero name)

Posted by: John on January 18, 2005 5:43 AM
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