December 23, 2004

should "wheel" really rhyme with "wheel"?

Lisa and I have been attempting to play "The WIndmills of Your Mind" on our ukuleles. Although I think this version is a more sensible approach to it than my own.

I actually thought, a couple of days ago, wouldn't it be fun to work out uke arrangements of everything on Dusty in Memphis? Answer: in much the same way that it would be fun to swim straight through Mount Hood.

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hee hee hee, that was me and my then-roommate that made that recording, 15 years ago! I believe it may be the most hideous recording ever created.

sorry for the shockingly late reply, I thought I had subscribed to all possible searching RSS thingies for but this just popped up today. thanks for the link!

Posted by: sbreck on December 29, 2005 8:04 PM
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