August 5, 2004

nautical beard rally

So you know how Mission of Burma broke up in 1983, and got back together a couple of years ago, and then they made ONoffON and there was much rejoicing, etc.? Well, there's a missing chapter to the story, and here's part of it: Wrong Pipe's "Kuchkah Tay Zod" (removed), the B-side of a single they made in 1994. Wrong Pipe was a one-off collaboration between Roger Miller (who wrote this one) and Clint Conley (thanks to both of them for permission to post this)--unsurprisingly, it sounds like an alternate-universe version of Burma, with totally different (non-live-band-based) production. Also unsurprisingly, it's awesome. (I sort of wish they'd done some more recording like this, or that they'd do some more recording like this, actually: taking advantage of the incredible chemistry they've got, but free of the obligations of being, y'know, Burma.) Also, the dream-language of the lyrics reminds me a little of Miller's solo album Oh. (guitars, etc.), one of the best bridges I've ever heard between rock and experimental music.

Updates liable to be pretty minimal over the next few weeks, I'm just warning you right now. Doesn't mean I'm losing interest, just means I need to retrieve some more singles to digitize (and track down permissions from some more bands--who's got a contact for Faxed Head? The email at their web site bounces), and that I'm going to be traveling a lot and not in a position to update much...

I cannot believe it's taken me this long to actually see The Office. Love it, of course, and every time I watch an episode of it I shudder with relief at not working at an office job any more.

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Oh was one of the first things I grabbed when I went to the WFMU Record Fair earlier this year! To me it has that great lost-album quality - it sounds like its creator was working in a vacuum, doubtful as to whether anyone was listening.

Posted by: John on August 6, 2004 9:13 AM

Thanks - I hadn't heard that before. It seems a bit like Miller's earlier nonsense language songs (sort of the audio equivalent of frottage drawings) but not as semi-improvised as those experiments were but more like... a song.

I'm still reading your archives but I'd be interested in hearing about how you do your digitizing if you are so inclined.

Posted by: Jim H on August 7, 2004 5:13 PM
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