August 4, 2004

sticky stones and bony crones

No song today here--but I'm one of the guest curators over at Fluxblog this week, and just posted a rather lovely Hans Appelqvist piece over there. So go have a look.

The only real development on this front is that I got my first serious Portland haircut, by which I mean not just here but in the style of my subculture here. Stringy, rakish, maintaining some of the two-tone effect from the Great Douglas's Head Bleachout. It makes me feel modern. Got it at Bishop's, a mini-chain here where there are no reservations, just a signup sheet and chairs and loud mix CDs playing, and the magazine on top of the pile is Giant Robot, and they hand you a PBR while you're waiting (well, they handed me a cup of water, but they offered the PBR).

Posted by Douglas at August 4, 2004 2:45 AM | TrackBack

pictures, please. many of us have no idea what ANY portland subculture is, let alone the one you've picked for yourself. ;-)

Posted by: dori on August 4, 2004 7:16 AM
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