July 21, 2004

experimental tie fabric

I'm off to San Diego for Comic-Con International, so no more music (and probably no more updates of any kind) until next week, but here's one to hold you until then. Honeybunch's "Mine Your Own Business" (removed) is one of the catchiest songs to have come out of the early-'90s la-la moment, specifically 1992. (Thanks to Jeffrey Underhill for permission to post it.) It's also one of those songs where, as Christopher Ricks notes of "Love Minus Zero/No Limit," you'd have to have something seriously wrong with you to think you could correctly guess the title from the lyrics--but the title also complements it very nicely. ("Yes, your life is closely tied enough to mine that we're going to have to talk about this, but the situation is not as simple as you're making it out to be, so either get more empathetic or buzz off.") I've always thought that it started very abruptly--as if there was some kind of intro that had been sliced off--but that also suggests something blurted out, a demand to back off, or to be a little less harsh. All of which would be one thing if there were only one vocal part, but there are two, alternating lines and harmonizing: mine, yours, there's no way to get away from this dialogue.

Honeybunch are still around; here's their current home page.

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