July 18, 2004

lines (multiple colors thereof)

Fed up with my recent inactivity, I spent a good chunk of today bicycling from our apartment to Hawthorne & 40th and back again. I intercepted some sort of Seattle-to-Portland collective bicycle trip, whose lean trim participants weren't even breathing hard as they glided up the uphill slopes and I huffed in the easiest gear. But I did get to experience the gorgous bike-and-pedestrian path along the east side of the Willamette River; how did I miss this until now? Also in the "how did I miss this until now?" dept.: Lovely Hula Hands (awesome restaurant in North Portland, clearly the work of a single chef with big ideas and a small room) and Alibi (ridiculous tiki bar/karaoke spot).

Music updates will be slim this week--probably there won't be anything Thursday or Friday. But here's a great/ridiculous one for you: Masters of the Obvious' "Crystallize My Penis" (removed). M.O.T.O. (that site's got some more MP3s), as they're also known, used to hang out in Harvard Square and play their incredibly catchy/angry/vulgar songs in front of the Store 24; they're located in Chicago these days, I think, and they're still at it. This song is only very slightly out of print on CD; it was originally their first appearance on vinyl (on the Footprints of God 7" compilation), and later on the Single File retrospective of M.O.T.O.'s singles, which has been out of print for a bit but is due to be reissued any second now. It is, as you might guess from the title, very, very, very dumb. But it also rocks with full-on commitment, and it's stuck with me for more than 15 years now--I think the breakdown where Paul Caporino starts quoting Captain Beefheart is what really makes the song. (Thanks to Paul for permission to post it.)

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Hey, Douglas. Bounced over here from S/FJ & saw your mention of MOTO; don't know them that well but heard their song "You Don't Have to Be A Dick About It" & LOVED it. Totally catchy & stupidly funny. Are all their songs phallic in nature? Or just the good ones?

At the same time I heard the above dick song, I heard "Judy" by another Boston band, The Dark. Worth tracking down if you like that sort of thing. As I recall it has that "My Sharona" Achilles heel of being really good but much too long to really qualify for "pop nugget" status.

Back to poking around your site...

Posted by: Mr. Graham on July 20, 2004 8:23 AM
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