July 2, 2004

postage makes the font a rancher

Dog Faced Hermans' "Time Bomb" (removed) is a great single by one of the two or three best live bands I've ever seen, and inexplicably never appeared anywhere else. (The tension in the middle part's breakdown is wonderful; note that "our lives are wired like our gardenias" is a quote from Mark-André Raffalovich's 1886 poem "The World Well Lost.") DFH started in Edinburgh in 1986, and moved to Amsterdam at the end of the decade (I'm guessing the lyric of "Time Bomb", which seems to be about abandoning one's former life, might have something to do with that); they toured the U.S. a few times in the early '90s, and made a pretty huge impression on everyone I know who saw them. Singer/trumpeter Marion Coutts is now a sculptor and installation artist, living in the U.K.; guitarist Andy Moor (thank you, Andy, for permission to post this song!) joined the Ex around 1990, and still plays with them, and in several improv-based projects. (One of these days I'll also be putting up something special from the Ex.)

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