June 12, 2004

inflate, refract, impose

Some of my favorite records are by bands whose imagination is way ahead of what they're physically able to execute yet. Skinned Teen's "Karate Hairdresser" (removed) is a great example of that: a VERY young band, one of whom could play one-finger guitar and another of whom could play one-finger bass and maybe a xylophone, but pretty awesome songwriters under the circumstances. This is from their one and only single, preceded by a little anthem/chant that appeared at the beginning of all their releases. They also contributed a side to the "Some Hearts Paid to Lie" double-7" compilation (including "Secrets," which God Is My Co-Pilot later covered), and had an excellent split LP with Raooul (another super-young group who are probably best known now as the pre-Out Hud band). Layla Gibbon from Skinned Teen went on to play in Petty Crime; thanks to her for permission to post this.

Unrelatedly: really good to see Maya Gurantz last night. We all went to see Thinking Fellers Union Local 282's first show in three years--they were a little rusty at first, but warmed up in a hurry. Larry Crane, the Tape Op guy (who was in Vomit Launch ages ago), was there with an enormous grin on his face. Which I had too, especially when they played "Socket" and "More Glee."

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This sort of track is the reason God invented the MP3 blog. So good!

Posted by: Charming Tedious on June 17, 2004 12:58 PM
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