June 11, 2004

two! three! four! (audioblog rules)

Okay, it's the long-promised debut of the lacunae audioblog. (Title pending, but as long as it's just among all the other entries here, the title's not that much of an issue, is it?)

Here are the rules:

1) All MP3s I'm posting here appear with the explicit permission of the original artist.

2) They all originally appeared on seven-inch singles released in the '80s or '90s on independent labels; none of them are currently available on an American CD.

3) They are not going to be around long. Two weeks max. If you like something, please leave a comment.

I'll try to post one every day or two; no guarantees.

All that said, here's the first one, The Shams' "Only a Dream" (removed). The Shams were a trio of Amy Rigby, Sue Garner and Amanda Uprichard; this was their first single. They had some of the most amazing harmonies it's ever been my pleasure to hear live (I have vivid memories of seeing them do an in-store performance at the old Kim's Underground in 1992, and being absolutely dumbfounded at how good their voices sounded together). After this single, they made an album, Quilt, that had a bunch of guests playing on it (including the late, great Robert Quine)--there's a remake of "Only a Dream" on there, I believe, as well as an impossibly good song called "Watching the Grass Grow"--and an EP, Sedusia, with some songs I liked better when they played them live. But this song is the perfect beginning to this project, as far as I'm concerned: two and a half minutes of wonderfulness that could only have appeared at that particular historical moment, as a little record with a half-hand-drawn picture sleeve. I love the music of the past and the music of the present and the music of the future, but I really miss the days when there were new singles that could fill me with joy every time I went to the record store. And sometimes I wonder: was it only a dream?

Thanks to Amy Rigby and Sue Garner for letting me post this.

Posted by Douglas at June 11, 2004 8:28 PM | TrackBack

Nice to hear this again! I think I might have been at that same in-store.

Was just thinking about the Shams this week, as being a rather suprising (to some people) setting for Robert Quine (RIP).

Posted by: jneilnyc on June 12, 2004 12:42 PM
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