June 9, 2004

22 Denmark Road and other imaginary addresses

Feeling everything in my body other than my head and my fingertips atrophying, and wanting to distract myself from a couple of pieces that should be a lot more done than they are, I went out and bought myself a bike today. Fortunately, Alberta St. has a used-bicycle store with kindly clerks. It went something like this:

D: Hi. I know I want a bicycle, but I otherwise have absolutely no idea what I want.
Kindly Clerk: You'll be wanting this one, then. Take it for a spin. Would you like a surprisingly cheap but sturdy-looking helmet with that?
D: Thank you!

And when I came home, another kind soul had sent me a CD-R of 21 songs by the Bedflowers--see last week for my hopeless adoration of them. Given that they only ever actually released one song, this feels like some kind of benediction. Also, one of those songs is an alternate version of "My Ex-Lover's Address," on which the ex-lover is a she rather than a he.

Audioblog delayed a few days while I figure out the intricacies of iDisk--anybody know offhand how to make an MP3 show up in a public folder with an .mp3 or .mp3-link.mp3 extension rather than .mp3-binhex.hqx ?

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