May 30, 2004

only some of your lip

Elaborating a little on what I noted yesterday: comments are now re-enabled, but the only way to do is is if you're registered with TypeKey (which is painless and very fast). Unfortunately, the commenting system currently seems to be broken outright. Very sorry about the added hassle, but the trickle of four or five obnoxious comment-spams a day had turned into 300 horrifying r*pe-and-b*sti*lity-site comment-spams a day in the last few days, and cleaning them up was taking longer than I've got. It was TypeKey or eliminating comments altogether. Will let you know when things seem to be working again, which I hope will not be long.

[Update, several hours later: TypeKey seems to work now.]

Actual content to follow when I dig myself out from the pieces I've got due tomorrow morning.

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