May 16, 2004

swet orff brau

Well. That was revealing. (I still owe a few people answers to their questions--it'll have to wait until I'm not on deadline, but it shouldn't be that long.)

Got into NYC Thursday night and have been on the go-go-go ever since--panel on "This Is Pop" at the New School that night (followed by dinner out with a drop-a-bomb-on-'em-and-so-much-for-pop-criticism panel); hanging out with Abi and Jamie and Lex and Mia on Friday, plus seeing the visual arts MFA thesis show at Columbia (with actual mature work by all the first-years I got to take classes with last year), followed by a train trip to Philadelphia to see Mission of Burma, who were very very very good if not quite as two-feet-off-the-ground levitation-style scintillating as they were when I saw 'em there a year or so ago--new songs sounded great, I'm happy to report; brunch with a whole bunch of friends yesterday, then 801 practice (with Naomi's bass, which is much better than my twiglike bass that's back in PDX but also about five times as heavy), then dinner at a new place called Cafe Henri in our neighborhood, followed by a trip to a Rubulad party at a dance studio in Manhattan (with performances by Fly Ashtray--celebrating Chris's 40th birthday--and GodCo); more 801 practice today (my arms feel like they're about to fall off), followed by a much-longer-than-anticipated nap and dinner in Jackson Heights with Lauren. And now I've got the aforementioned deadline. But I like my days packed full.

Posted by Douglas at May 16, 2004 8:30 PM

Hope it's not too late to ask questions. (If it is too late to ask, my question becomes: why do you have to solicit questions during finals week?)

(1) In what musical performance, or on what album, NOT by or with James Brown, would you most like to have performed?

(2) What's the first thing you remember seeing or doing after you moved to New York?

(3) What can we do to get you to Minnesota?

Posted by: steve on May 16, 2004 10:04 PM

Just one more day until the RETURN OF THE 801!!! Rock on!!!

Posted by: Abi on May 18, 2004 6:34 PM

Hi Steve--

1) I've been listening to the Homosexuals' "Astral Glamour" this week, and if I'd been in that band (and survived) I'd probably still be very, very proud of having participated in it...

2) I remember a dream I had, actually, the first night I was there, sleeping on my grandmother's couch: I wanted a slice of pizza. The first pizzeria I went into looked and smelled wonderful, and I thought I'd get a slice there--but then I thought "if the first place I look at is this good, how good must all the other pizzerias in New York be?" So I wandered around a bit, poked my head into a few others, and decided that the first one had been best. I went back there and had a terrific slice of pizza. Later, when I ended up moving into the first apartment I looked at (after spending a few fruitless days looking around other boroughs and apartments), I realized that it had in fact been a prophetic dream.

3) Well, if you can get a bookstore out there to have me come talk about the JB book--or the university have me fly out to talk about freelancing/arts criticism--I'm there!

Posted by: Douglas on May 22, 2004 6:32 PM
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