March 20, 2004

wonder extract

We watched the DVD of all of the Smiths' videos tonight--there aren't many, and most of them are not very good at all. Oh, Top of the Pops, so much to answer for--four or five videos, at least, consisted of the Smiths miming on the show, Morrissey in increasingly ridiculous outfits, including one that involved a shrub sticking out of his back pocket, and Johnny Marr alternately looking like he'd prefer to be in some other band and looking like he was in some other band--black leather jacket, mirror shades. It made me wonder: why on Earth did it occur to Morrissey and Marr to work together in the first place? They really don't seem like each other's type. I mean, they were, obviously, but I wouldn't have guessed.

The only video of theirs I remembered liking from the old days of MTV was "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before"--Morrissey leads a procession of his lookalikes and wannabes around on bicycles. Nothing else that good here--the Derek Jarman short film with three Smiths songs as its score at the end is okay, too, but the songs seem incidental to it.

How did it take me this long to notice that the rhythm section on "This Charming Man" is basically playing "You Can't Hurry Love"?

Finished the Cerebus re-read at last--I'd hoped that the "exegesis" business in the 280s would be more bearable the second time around, or reveal more stuff central to the story, but no.

Posted by Douglas at March 20, 2004 12:42 AM