March 9, 2004

black curry

Gave the World Food Cafe cookbook its first major workout in this household tonight: a beet-and-eggplant "black curry" (i.e. with toasted spices) with basmati rice and a spicy pineapple coconut chutney. I think we're going to be going back to it a lot.

Otherwise, I ended up spending almost the entire day grinding not-quite-fruitlessly on a piece that's been bird-dogging me for over a week. (I say "not quite fruitlessly" because it did eventually get to the stage where I hit "send," although I had to spend some quality time with the Strat first to make sure I actually knew what I was talking about in one passage. That was fruitful too.) Also discovered that Franz Ferdinand are now so popular that they won't be able to do an interview with me over the phone; I sent them some questions via email, while playing "Take Me Out" repeatedly. (Apparently, Alex Kapranos used to be in a band called The Karelia; has anyone reading this heard them? Why do I suspect that Steve can tell me all about them?)

Today was the first really REALLY nice day we've had since we got to PDX--I mean, short-sleeves-no-sweater weather. This, I'm told, is a preview of what summer will be like. I took the bus north about a mile to meet Sarah for coffee, then walked back home, enjoying the sunshine and the air.

Posted by Douglas at March 9, 2004 2:05 AM

Why do you harbor such suspicions? Looks like I'd like them, if I had heard them: (Although they might turn out instead to be the Scottish Squirrel Nut Zippers.) More news as it happens.

Posted by: steve on March 11, 2004 6:50 AM
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