February 28, 2004

rough orange scrapers

Lisa and I drove to the county fair here today, because I realized I'd never actually been to a county fair before (despite growing up in Agriculture Central) and she had nostalgic memories of them. I'm curious how much of it was unique to this particular county and how much simply goes from fair to fair--the rides (many of which had signs saying how much they'd cost to build), the funnel-cake stands (and other fried foods--the only non-fried, non-meat things for sale outdoors were roasted ears of corn), the Smallest Horse in the World ("Tiny Tina is so small that a cup of water and a handful of straw is a mighty big meal for Tiny Tina! Ten inches high when she was born, Tiny Tina is not even as small as a bale of hay!" (sic)--another sideshow-type attraction also advertised that they had the Smallest Horse in the World--I wonder if there's some kind of tiny-horse rivalry going on there?).

But there were a couple of indoor "pavilions," too--I expected to see 4-H projects, and was not disappointed. One of them had a few local vendors' wares, notably somebody who was selling very good homemade citrus/jalapeno preserves. Which made me wonder: was there a time when county fairs actually concentrated on locally-made goods, and if so how long ago was that time?

We also got to feed the small, friendly goats and sheep (sheep's tongues are silky!), and admire some kind of local tree that has green leaves up top and peculiar gray twinelike clusters lower down. And now Lisa's been turning backwards somersaults in the pool while I stretch out and read. Right: we're on vacation. How did I not notice that for a few days?

Posted by Douglas at February 28, 2004 2:02 PM

The rides are like early british diy 7"s. While I don't mind a competition among low budget records to see who can do it cheapest, I generally like my amusement rides adequately funded.

Posted by: Michael on February 29, 2004 8:49 AM
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