January 20, 2004

elsewhere on the loom

Jess H. quite rightly calls me out on a particularly stupidly put note about Outkast, as Matos did earlier. (To explain a little: what I meant by Andre 3K "improving on" the music of raav kultur, and should have said much better, was not that "GhettoMusick" is better than, you know, all of dance music writ large, on the grounds that they're Outkast & everything they touch smells like roses rather than woo-woo-woo. But I was impressed that he'd taken a couple of great big clichés--good Lord, that synth tone, I wish I knew its preset number!--and moved them from one context to another and made something much less expected, and totally fun, out of them. Like, I don't know, "Watching the Detectives"; not like Bowie's drum 'n' bass album, say. Does that make more sense?)

Matos's benign monster, meanwhile, is indexed here, and is going to be an enormously useful tool for a lot of people for the next few years, I suspect.

Also: the Collating Bones sub-blog has returned after a couple of years away, at Kate and Brandy's request. It's an excuse for me to note down quick thoughts about some of the albums I'm listening to (and for which I don't have a particular assignment)--just to keep track, basically. Boneheaded stuff, as above, will abound, even more than usual. You've been warned.

And thanks to everyone who pointed out the stuff I forgot about, or got wildly wrong, yesterday. I'll narrow down my question a little: are there any visual artists or filmmakers of the last 50 years who've made significant work under names other than their own, as well as under their own name? "Alan Smithee"-type don't-look-at-me pseudonyms don't count--I'm thinking parallel career under a different name, not disowning a failure.

Posted by Douglas at January 20, 2004 1:18 AM

heh...sorry, i know that entry came off way snottier than i intended, and yr re-explaination does make sense. i am becoming a dance music fascist in my old age and it terrifies me...

Posted by: jess on January 27, 2004 10:25 PM
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