January 11, 2004

and the birds do sing

Good Lord. So I came back home from Seattle, and there was a care package from Jad--a new single, a drawing, and three new CDs. One of which was Superfine, by Jad with Jason Willett. They've always been pretty prolific as a duo (and I had the honor of releasing one of their duo albums), and I thought that three-cassette set on Shrimper a few years ago was hyperproductivity even by their standards. This one, though--it's a 20-song CD with 135 MP3 bonus tracks. I'll be digesting it for a while.

In Seattle, I was part of the program committee for the Experience Music Project conference in April. We spent a day sitting around a very long table, going over around 200 proposals for papers, and picking out the best 75 or 80 of them. (Some of them are REALLY cool.) Also got to visit with Becky and Matos and Ms. Gaw and Kira and Eric. And spend about 15 hours on trains to and fro, looking out the window at the ice-stalactites.

I seem to have come down with something throat-oriented; will try to be a little less and-then-I-went-to-the-store when I'm a little healthier.

Posted by Douglas at January 11, 2004 12:51 PM

I hope it's not the same mal du throat that went around Boston in December, which at its height caused me to involuntarily yelp in pain every time I swallowed. In the end I was narrowly persuaded not to comb drugstore shelves for Hemlock Snapple (100% natural!) by means of two Advil every four hours, Afrin nasal spray every twelve, and constant hot tea with honey and lemon. Over the course of three days I found that dropping any one of these components meant things got worse again.

Posted by: Aaron on January 12, 2004 9:55 AM
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