December 5, 2003

instant nomad

Lots of time, little updating, largely because my access to the lifeline that is the Internet has been sorely limited lately--I've been haunting the WiFi cafés of PDX, sucking up the bandwidth where I can find it. Last night found me crouched on a side-street next to a closed café in the freezing cold, attempting to send 100+ change-of-address emails and slurp 100+ messages that had arrived during the day without anybody noticing me and my shiny glowy white iBook.

But Lisa & I have actually found a place: a wonderful (if cold) quadplex, right near the intersection of Alberta and MLK, with beautiful wooden floors, a gas stove (if not yet anything to cook on it with: I have become enough of a cookware snob that the $60 10-piece kits one can buy at Target simply won't do, it's Anolon Advanced or nothing for me), "central heating" (i.e. a giant honking metal thing in the middle of the living room that radiates life-giving warmth against the sinister Portland cold), and fabulous landlords who live right upstairs.

The neighborhood is basically mid-gentrification: right near the aforementioned café and the heart-on-sleeve organic co-op grocery, a little bit down the road from the Alberta Arts District, across the street from the historically black church that inspired the Dekum Doers, around the corner from a shuttered beauty-supply store whose '60s lettering is falling off. As you walk down Alberta, you pass a yoga spot run by a former major-label A&R woman who quit the grind to teach people downward-facing dog, a little deli whose signs in the windows have been yellowing for months or years, a lot of posters for something called POH HOP, a pizzeria whose special is a vegan pizza with barbecued tempeh, a bunch of art galleries (which invite the public to visit on the last Thursday of the month) and occasionally a few old houses, surrounded by fences and borders of lawn, whose residents have a look about them of "goddamnit you're not going to make ME move."

Unrelatedly: Liz has finally forwarded me the link to her amazing, design-critique-oriented blog.

Posted by Douglas at December 5, 2003 2:31 AM

POH-HOP is a yearly hip hop event that celebrates all the bounty of the local scene. You say, "What hip hop scene?" I say, "Look harder, son." I like the Lifesavas, myself.

Posted by: Caryn on December 9, 2003 5:54 PM
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