October 30, 2003

dun dun dun

The book's done at last--turned it in last night, after which Lisa took me out for Indian food to celebrate. I somehow don't quite feel the sense of accomplishment that I might, but maybe that will have to wait for it to actually get published. This does, however, give me a reason to start emailing and calling everybody I've been blowing off over the last couple of months. Sorry, sorry, sorry to you all.

I'll be on WFMU next Wednesday morning, 9 AM-noon, probably doing a special Boogie Fever, pt. 1 show, assuming I can get the appropriate setting-up done. Other than that... I'm not making plans too far ahead. A little writing, a little organizing, a little soft-shoe shuffle.

Posted by Douglas at October 30, 2003 3:15 PM
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