October 29, 2003

cell stretcher

Lots of great responses to the questionnaire so far. Keep them coming!

The 801 played for the second and final time last night. Lots of people came--thank you!--and took home a ton of books and CDs that needed caring new homes--thank you also! We played for what in retrospect was probably too long, but it was one of those "last show ever, let's play every song we know" situations. Paula Puhak came up and sang "The True Wheel" with us. The accordion-plus-four-part-harmony "Some Of Them Are Old" went over nicely, I think--at least one person in the audience seemed to be tearing up a little.

And me? I'm two days away from turning in the book. That's how I am, and it's just about all of how I am.

Posted by Douglas at October 29, 2003 9:26 AM
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