October 10, 2003

green powers

My newest unhealthy dependence (and I have so many!) is on protein shakes. Actually, "unhealthy" might not be entirely the right word to use. After a week getting started on a pleasant vanilla-spice-flavored protein powder with spirulina, I went for a giant vat of "Source of Life Vitamin, Mineral & Protein Energy Shake with Whole Food Concentrates--Natural Delicious Creamy Granola Flavor." That would be one of those kinds of granola that has vague metallic undertones, I think, but I don't care--two scoops of this stuff, a cup of rice milk, a banana and a quick buzz in the blender, and my eyes are saucers for hours. I understand why protein shake mixes tend to carry warnings that they're not to be used as the sole source of calories in a diet. And the label lists a whole bunch of healthy-sounding things I can't even pronounce! Ever since the FDA approved placebo for over-the-counter sale, companies like this have had it made.

Unrelatedly: The good news is that somebody has had the brilliant idea of covering
"California Über Alles" with topical lyrics. The bad news is that that
somebody is Dramarama.

Posted by Douglas at October 10, 2003 1:21 AM