September 29, 2003

frozen lamp with roots

The "U" mini-mix got made last night (notice how that's passive: not my fault! not mine! made through this vessel!). The Upper Crust/Unrest/Uncle Wiggly/the Undisputed Truth/U2/U.M.O./Utopia/the Urinals. V should be reasonably easy, whenever I get around to it.

Lisa lured me out of the house yesterday to go to the Whitney, and a good thing, too--otherwise I would've spent the whole day obsessing over the minutiae of where "Night Train" came from. (For the record: only part of its DNA is from Duke Ellington's "Happy-Go-Lucky Local"--the other part is from Ellington's "That's the Blues, Old Man," written by Johnny Hodges. Not the same part.)

Posted by Douglas at September 29, 2003 9:15 AM

Douglas! Coincidence is working its old magic once again! Just before I went to read Lacunae, I was reading BoingBoing and saw some fantastic lunchbreak websites: including a database of chains of bands covering bands covering bands and a gallery of '80s cassette covers, all of which need to be turned into graphics for the singles club. Here is the actual link:(to the BoingBoing post, not any of the projects) Long live Internet trivia hunts...

Posted by: Liz on September 29, 2003 1:28 PM
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