September 21, 2003

reminders (prudent)

Attempted to go shopping for clothes today at a couple of stores people had recommended to me. This was a terrible mistake--attractive, sharp-looking clothes at Agnes B. that made me regret not having gotten an economics degree so I could've bypassed this whole stupid arty-boho-barnacle route I've taken with my life and been able to afford $200 shirts rather than dropping the price tag as if it had a bug on it; not-quite-attractive $10 remainder-of-remainder items at one of those upstairs 90% OFF EVERYTHING places, alongside things that would be almost-not-so-ugly if they didn't have a visible brand name; ultra-high-order-hipster compilations at APC that made me realize how close I came to having profitable taste for a few minutes ten years ago...

Diana Ross's Diana should be a salve for this, but isn't, in either its original Chic mix or released Motown mix. Nice to have it on hand to try, though.

Posted by Douglas at September 21, 2003 7:29 PM