July 27, 2003

mania moderne

If anybody knows of a particular local charity that could really use a whole lot of graphic novels and comics TPBs--some kid-friendly, some adults-only--could you please let me know? I'm realizing I've got a whole lot of stuff, some of it very good, that I just don't need. I mean, there's always Housing Works, but I sort of want to give them to a place where there are people who will read them.

Otherwise: The Voice just ran two more pieces I wrote this week, on the music industry's financial situation and Melt-Banana. New mix CD, premiered at Jess Bruder's annual palatial pool party the other night, goes Bunker Hill/Melt-Banana/Pandi/The Juan Maclean/Rob Crow/Elvis Costello & the Attractions/Don Covay/Oedipus/News for Lulu/Letta/Angel Racing Food/Joseph Spence/Hans Appelqvist/the Aislers Set/the Beach Boys/Matmos/Peaches/Radiohead/Grinnell Giggers/postal workers/the Spinanes; it seems to have gone over well.

Today is mostly dedicated to extreme dullness.

Posted by Douglas at July 27, 2003 8:40 PM

How about donating them to The Flywheel in Easthampton, Massachusetts. The Flywheel is known for putting on pretty great shows. Lots of local kids congregate there and there is a small in-house library so that many different people will be able to enjoy them. I'd leave out the adults-only stuff, though.

Here is the URL:

I may be heading up there sometime soon and would be happy to donate them for you. Let me know if you'd like to save on postage.

FYI, someone I know once saw Mark Robinson perform a solo guitar & vocals set there. He played the entire hour as a Robot! Very entertaining.

Posted by: Liz on July 28, 2003 8:34 AM

Do the Queens or Brooklyn public libraries (the branch libraries, not the main reference ones) accept donations of comics TPBs? I've noticed recently that the St Paul branch libraries have been trying to collect graphic novels, because their (younger) patrons want them, though they can't afford (or plan) a backlist, only a scattering of recent titles; according to the head of collection management at the Mpls public libraries (whom I met last week) this is a new trend among (public) librarians generally. (I've also noticed that all the graphic novels they get, from ESSENTIAL IRON MAN to GHOST WORLD, are classified TEEN.) (Again, this is probably not a solution for the adults-only TPBs.)s

Posted by: steve on August 2, 2003 3:36 PM

Douglas's mix CD - I am the guitarist with Jowe's new band Angel Racing Food. You put us on the mix CD? Do you have a few copies that the band could have? We'd be really interested to hear it!

Lee McFadden

Posted by: lee on August 22, 2003 11:38 AM
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