June 28, 2003

underdog v. overcat

Been a little distracted this week, as some of you may have noticed--working on that same gigantic piece I've been hacking away at for the last few weeks, plus two other medium-big pieces, research for another one, a top secret project or two and a bunch of little things. Yeah yeah yeah, the chorus goes, but what have you been doing for us?

Um. Trying to come up with a good answer for that one.

I did get to see Wire kick ass at the Bowery Ballroom last night, though. Also read the interview with them in Punk Planet today--every time I see them talk I'm a little bit more convinced that I want to treat them as a basis for at least some of my own life-philosophy.

Also listening to and enjoying: the Temptations' Psychedelic Soul (two-disc comp of the years when Norman Whitfield thought it'd be a good idea to weld straight-up Motown harmony singing to the sort of extended hippie business that the kids liked; he was absolutely right); Joseph Spence's Happy All the Time (famous telegram: "Spence lives. Bring twelve sets of medium brass strings and tape recorder").

Posted by Douglas at June 28, 2003 11:55 PM