June 8, 2003

the shape of the letter c

100 comments on the Movable Type version of lacunae to date! Cool.

Spent yesterday at Field Day, about which I'm writing for the Voice, but the short version is that it was De. Press. Ing. --aside from Radiohead, who were fine as always, and the clips they showed after most of the bands by homestarrunner.com. Especially this one.

Incidentally, if anybody I've given a mix CD to lately finds that it doesn't work (or starts distorting), let me know--I seem to have inadvertently burned some coasters lately.

Posted by Douglas at June 8, 2003 10:22 PM

'everybody to the limit' = jam of the summer for the second straigt summer!

i am still pretty bummed out about field day overall. spent today on long island with joe and his brothers, and we were all in moods. did you at least have a poncho so you could stay dry?

Posted by: maura on June 8, 2003 11:10 PM

I turned down a job to photograph at field day; glad I did. Spent the day in the darkroom instead and got much more work done than I would have there. 40 rolls of film developed, 3 tallboys of coffee imbibed.

Did they also show the Strong Bad Techno song?

"We did not install that so you can throw lightswitch raves!"

Posted by: jodi on June 9, 2003 4:52 PM

I've been a long time SB fan, all the way. I secretly like Strong Sad, especially his 'Boys Don't Cry' Cure poster on his wall.

I've started listening to wfmu online now because of you.


Posted by: Alisa on June 10, 2003 4:09 PM
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