May 18, 2003

shop strap

The final official meeting of NAJP was Friday (there's also a farewell party in a week or so), and, as I halfway expected, I'm finding myself sort of at loose ends: catching up on the mountains of unanswered emails I had around, writing some overdue notes, cleaning the apartment a little, trying to put myself in a position where I can make some actual plans or think about what I want to do next that's bigger than my next deadline. I actually have been working on the James Brown book a bit, mostly researching who I can talk to and what newspapers I might want to look at. But I'm also batting around ideas for a couple of completely different things, and thinking about how I might want to treat them/chase after the chance to do them.

I've also been listening to some records that have been bulding up unlistened-to for the last couple of months. At the moment, it's a single that somebody traded me for something in my trade box at the record fair: Sprout Head Uprising's "Throw Some Water In," a bluegrass cover of a Lee Perry song sung by a woman with a ridiculous German-accented soprano/falsetto. Um, odd.

Posted by Douglas at May 18, 2003 5:00 PM
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