February 11, 2003

the nervous trax

We have a winner for the third photo I'll be drawing a lot over the next couple of weeks. Possibly the most evil photo of all time, yet weirdly hilarious. I showed it to Kristin, who wondered if it were an actual fashion ad. Fortunately, it's not.

It's humbling, this drawing stuff. I can't make the lines do what I want them to do. I smudge things with my hand, by accident rather than as intentional modeling. I can't judge tone value, really, at all, or at least I can't reproduce it. But Alberti has a line in On Painting about how painting is the most fun thing of all to do, because "you can spend an entire day at it and not even notice the time passing." I think I spent at least an hour and a quarter the other night sketching (that's all it was, a rough sketch) the Sriwanichpoom photo: I put on the Steinski Nothing to Fear mix, started drawing, and then eventually looked up from the page and realized that the CD had been over for a long time.

Posted by Douglas at February 11, 2003 4:57 PM